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Accounting for Complex Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are a critical component of oil and gas production in the United States. In the simplest form, a joint venture is an agreement between invested parties to share in the risk (expenses) and rewards (revenues) derived from the production of hydrocarbons...

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Digitizing Accounts Payable

The oil and gas sector is going paperless; at the speed of molasses. Field tickets, service invoices, production statements and division orders all generate volumes of paper that needs to… read more

Oil and Gas Imbalances – Revenue Recognition

A major accounting process change that has been on the horizon for years is recognizing revenue. The adoption of Accounting Standards Codification, ASC 606, was enacted in 2014 with a… read more

Meet the Team – Shannah Goins

Deciding to outsource isn’t just a numbers and cents game. You not only want to know the team you hire has the expertise you need, but you also want to… read more

Operator Gas Balancing 101

There is nothing common about producing and selling natural gas. E&P teams are finding molecules thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface, lifting them out of the ground and selling… read more

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